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Former Chiefs WR Samie Parker Sounds Bitter About His Playing Time in KC

Ed Zurga/Associated Press
Ed Zurga/Associated Press

One of these days, maybe, professional athletes will realize that their tweets go out to the whole world.

Today's example of creating a bad impression on Twitter comes from former Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Samie Parker.

As I'm sure you all recall, Parker was a fourth round pick by the Chiefs in '04. Despite great speed and athleticism, Parker never broke out as much as I'm sure he'd have liked to. To be fair, his seasons of 9, 36, 41 and 24 receptions is pretty much the right amount of production for a third, fourth type receiver.

Well apparently, Parker thinks those numbers should have been a lot higher. Here's what Parker tweeted out this morning:

#whatwoulditbelike The Chiefs wouldve thrown tha ball to @samieparker as much as they Tony G he would b n tha probowl err year to

This is just hilarious to me. The guy is still complaining about his playing time in Kansas City, three years after the Chiefs let him go. Gotta love referencing yourself in the third person on Twitter too. Just hilarious.

Yeah, Samie. Just throwing the ball a lot to someone makes them good. I'm sure that's the only reason Tony Gonzalez will go down as the greatest tight end of all time. The Chiefs just threw him the ball a lot. I guess Parker thinks that NFL teams just choose one player to give the ball too, regardless of talent.

Sheesh. People say dumb stuff on Twitter.

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