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NFL Consultant Expects Chiefs To Take "Safe" Pick

Kent Babb of the Kansas City Star is floating some interesting thoughts on his Twitter page this afternoon. Babb reports he spoke with a consultant for nearly a dozen NFL teams on Friday and we should expect a "safe" pick from the Chiefs.

According to the consultant -- who once worked with Scott Pioli -- "safe" likely equates to an offensive lineman despite the need for safety and linebacker help.

"[Consultant] Says after Tyson Jackson pick last year (reach or not, depending on your point of view), Chiefs can't afford to swing for the fences," Mr. Babb tweets.


Not really.

Especially when you combine those comments with the conversation between Pioli and Falcons GM Thomas Dimitroff a few weeks back (whether you want to believe those were a smokescreen or not).

The definition of "safe" could be debatable, though. I would argue an inside linebacker -- such as Rolando McClain -- should be included in the "safe" category but obviously the consultant disagrees.

As for offensive linemen, tackles Russell Okung and Bryan Bulaga have to be considered in the safe category. Bulaga may not have the ceiling but the general thinking is that he can be a very good right tackle and, if necessary, an average-to-above-average left tackle.

As we sit here less than two weeks before the NFL draft, momentum is building for an offensive lineman in Kansas City and, to the disagreement with plenty of Chiefs fans, not safety.

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