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Possible Chiefs Draft Interest Golden Tate Getting Good Reviews

Notre Dame WR Golden Tate caught passes from QB Jimmy Clausen on Friday and, according to various reports, turned in a solid showing.

Chiefs offensive coordinator Charlie Weis was originally supposed to run the workout but ultimately didn't want to take the attention away from the players.

NFL folks like former GM Charlie Casserly of NFL Network are impressed with how he can help a NFL team.

"The first thing is when you watch him run after the catch .That's the number one thing he does, obviously he was a running back. The second thing is he can help you on punt returns so that's two areas he's positive in.

Casserly calls him "raw" on route-running but notes his feet are "good enough" to learn how to make the proper breaks in his routes.

"One of the things I was impressed with on tape was his instincts on the scramble. One of the things Clausen does well is move out of the pocket and keep vision down field finding the receiver. What does this guy do? He gets open consistently. When there's a scramble he knows where Clausen is and works his way back to him."

To me, this can't be understated. Chiefs QB Matt Cassel has a pair of pretty good feet himself and is an underrated scrambler. He likes to get out of the pocket -- whether that's a necessity because of the Chiefs offensive line or not -- and one of Tate's strengths is recognizing that and coming back to the ball.

Tate's positives include running after the catch, punt returns and adjusting on the scramble -- all critical areas for the Chiefs offense.

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