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Brad Cottam Injury Is Bogus; He's Fine

Well, it wasn't exactly an April Fools Day joke but the Facebook posting about Brad Cottam breaking his foot is false.

April fools! Especially to arrowheadpride...Facebook status spreads like wildfire...Haha

I've separately confirmed that the page is fake and is NOT Brad Cottam. So it's not only an April Fools day joke, but also a fake page. 

Let me say -- we take full responsibility for floating this false quote. This is 100% our fault. I was completely fooled by the Facebook page. I've believed it was real for months (and so has a team employee who is "friends" with the fake Cottam).

However, it's impressive that the jig has been going this long. The Facebook page has over 1,100 friends and "Cottam" seemingly interacts with "friends" it appears he's known for some time.

Again -- I screwed up on this one. I'll take this as a lesson moving forward.

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