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Chiefs TE Brad Cottam Breaks His Foot; Four Month Setback (Update: False Alarm)

UPDATE 11: 57 AM: This report is FALSE. The Facebook page is a fake. See here for details.

Any doctors in the house? From Brad Cottam's Facebook page:

just my luck, fractured my metatarsals on second day of jogging...4 month setback, guess i have to keep goin though

This doesn't appear to be an April Fools day joke (but I've been fooled before).

It's basically a broken bone in the foot. Any doctors reading can provide some more details in the comments section.

Four months would make him available right around the start of training camp. This is too bad. Just last week he had his neck brace taken off after a cracked cervical vertebrae late in the season. That caused this post yesterday:

feeling like a walking miracle....gettin better everyday. Thank you Lord!

(H/T hock57)

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