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Tracking The NFL-Related April Fools Day Jokes

It's April 1st which means April Fools Day. We've already had one report that some folks think is an April Fools Day joke (but it doesn't appear that it is).

I'm tracking some of the various jokes floating around the internet today. Drop any more you find in the comments of this post.

The first one comes from SB Nation. The Colts and Pats writers switched spots for the day.

Stampede Blue

I've decided to convert! After years of futility up here in New England, I've decided to switch my fanship from the Dark Side to the Light! The fellows at SBNation were kind enough to see my value as a writer and believed that I was good enough of a contributor to immediately gain editorship at Stampede Blue. I'm tried of Gisele Brady, Randy Sloth and Vince Will-never-put-down-the-fork. They're all past their prime and can no longer bring victories to the Razor up in New England.

I've moved on!

Pats Pulpit

Greetings Patriots fans. I'm BigBlueShoe.

OK, I guess I've lost about half the regular Pats Pulpit audience just by posting those two sentences. For the rest of you still paying attention, I want you to know that I've grown sick and tired of my Colts team quitting on regular season games, thumbing their nose at perfect seasons, and forgetting how to play defense in key playoff games.

I mean seriously, how much pain can one fan take!

FOX Sports

A previously unknown athlete today ran what may have been the first sub-four second 40-yard-dash at a "pro day" workout for professional football prospects.

The URL makes it pretty obvious it's phony:   

Bills DB Drayton Florence on Twitter

another sad day at 1 bills dr Aaron Schobel will announce his retirement today @ 3pm thus guy was a true pro will be missed!!    

Adam Schefter clears up Schobel talk

Aaron Schobel is not retiring (at least not today). Drayton Florence trying to go April Fools on everyone.    

Hogs Haven

So they put up a post saying there will be a FREE Madden '10 tournament held on the JumboTron at Fed-Ex Field. The phone number they gave to sign up? Dallas Cowboys PR.

"Somehow our PR main number got put on your website as the contact number for the Madden 2010 tournament. We have been receiving phone calls on it all morning and since we are not affiliated with the tournament we are of no assistance to those trying to participate."

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