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Chiefs Coach: 'We Can't Have Enough Guys Like Thomas Jones'

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Just hours after the Kansas City Chiefs signed RB Thomas Jones, the head coach has spoken.

And he likes it.

"He's an impressive guy. We can't have enough guys like Thomas," Todd Haley said, according to Jim Corbett of USA Today. "It's one thing to be a leader and another to have the ability to back it up. Thomas does that and is excited to continue to show that."

Haley mentioned that Jones had his best season last year with over 1,400 yards. Some say he was wearing down but he actually had a better second half of the season. In addition to that, Jones is one big season (or Jamaal Charles injury) away from tying the record of 1,000 yard seasons after the age of 30.

"I'm excited he wants to be here," Haley said.

Despite filling a position of need, Haley stayed true to the Chiefs philosophy that they're always going to be adding players that are a good fit wherever they can.

"If we have a chance to add good football players, we're going to do it," Haley said. "This was a great example of a good fit, no different than what we've been able to do coaching staff wise. We need to because we only won four games last year and we've got to be better this year."

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