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Chiefs GM Says He Can Spend However He Wants

It's been said before but I think it's a point worth repeating considering the hubbub we've been hearing recently about the Chiefs and the amount of money they're spending.  Scott Pioli appeared on 610 Sports this morning and Nick Wright asked him whether he had a limit on what he could spend.

As Pioli's said in the past, there are no restrictions on what he can spend. 

When Wright approached him with a question about not spending in free agency last year, Pioli turned the tables and asked Wright what free agents he would have signed.

Wright, thinking on his toes, quickly said Jason Brown, who is a center now with the Rams. Wright cited it being a position of need and Brown being a good, young player.

Pioli didn't exactly refute that point and Wright noted that later in his show.

The segment wasn't anything earth-shattering as we've heard the point about the money before. Pioli wouldn't commit to a number when Wright asked him if the Chiefs payroll would hit what was the minimum last season (In the $108 million range).

Bottomline, Pioli reiterated that he's making the decisions with the money and he wouldn't have taken the job if there were any restrictions on that.

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