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Choose Your Team: AP Mock Draft Is In One Week

Get your typing fingers ready. It's the third annual Arrowhead Pride Community Mock Draft!

After the jump, I've listed the first two rounds of the 2010 NFL draft. That's where you can pick your team. Here's what you need to know before you pick:

  • You will be drafting for your team for the first two rounds;
  • You need to be able to turn around your pick very quickly when it comes to your turn, in some cases within hours (but you will likely know the day before)
  • There are no trades. A couple of trades would make this entire thing too messy;
  • We will be doing two picks a day. I will have a calendar made up after today. You'll need to email your pick in to us;
  • You need to be able to give us a paragraph or two about your pick. I will take care of the picture;
  • Some guy last year picked Usain Bolt for one his picks and tried to tell me he was serious. Don't be that guy. I don't have time to go back and forth with you on e-mail about your pick. Just made it a good pick the first time you pick.

That's it. Come claim your team. We're going by the timestamp on the comments and then we'll update the list.

Number Team Claimed by:
1 Rams  UCrawford
2 Lions  
3 Bucs  
4 Redskins  DTR
5 Chiefs  
6 Seahawks  Matt Conner
7 Browns  HIV2Elway
8 Raiders  
9 Bills  
10 Jaguars  
11 Broncos (from CHI)  
12 Dolphins  
13 49ers  
14 Seahawks (from DEN)  Matt Conner
15 Giants  
16 Titans  
17 49ers (from CAR)  
18 Steelers  
19 Falcons  
20 Texans  
21 Bengals  
22 Patriots  stagdsp
23 Packers  
24 Eagles  
25 Ravens  Ben S
26 Cardinals  
27 Cowboys  
28 Chargers  
29 Jets  
30 Vikings  
31 Colts  
32 Saints  
Number Team Claimed by:
33 Rams  UCrawford
34 Lions  
35 Bucs  
36 Chiefs  
37 Redskins  DTR
38 Browns  HIV2Elway
39 Raiders  
40 Seahawks  Matt Conner
41 Bills  
42 Bucs (from CHI)  
43 Dolphins  
44 Patriots (from JAC)  stagdsp
45 Broncos  
46 Giants  
47 Panthers  
48 Patriots (from TEN)  stagdsp
49 49ers
50 Texans  
51 Chiefs (from ATL)  
52 Steelers  
53 Patriots  stagdsp
54 Bengals  
55 Eagles  
56 Packers  
57 Ravens  Ben S
58 Cardinals  
59 Cowboys  
60 Chargers  
61 Jets  
62 Vikings  
63 Colts  
64 Saints  

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