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Arrowheadlines: Chiefs News 3/8

Good morning Chiefs fans! Here is some morning reading for you: Chiefs Face A Perception Problem
The perception of Hunt – as echoed by hundreds of message board posts, Tweets, and radio callers – is that he’s a cheapskate, unwilling to spend the necessary money it will take to improve his woeful football team.

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RB Justin Fargas' free agent visit with the Chiefs is Tuesday night, I've been told.

Analysis - As Free Agency Opens, a Big Splash and Smaller Ripples - News Analysis -

One agent estimated that more than half the teams would cut payroll this season, and the last few days told us all we needed to know. The Redskins slashed 10 veterans as if there were still a cap to worry about and have spent little money since then. The Dallas Cowboys have done nothing. And some of the lowest-revenue teams like the Kansas City Chiefs have such low payrolls that they may not get anywhere near last season’s $108 million minimum.

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The tears Marty Schottenheimer shed on Saturday when he was talking about becoming the 40th member of the Chiefs Hall of Fame were real. They were always real with Marty. The German’s emotions are always close to the surface. You won’t find many men that have been in the game of football tougher than Martin Edward Schottenheimer. He was so tough that he didn’t much worry about those salty drops coming from his eyes, or the clutch that would come in his throat or what other people might think of them. When something flips that switch, he’s unafraid of allowing his emotions to take control for a few moments.

Printers handed mandate to lead
Printers' career path might have been up in the air at that point. It isn't any longer. "The whole Hamilton thing ws a blur. I had just been released [from the NFL's Kansas City Chiefs]. I was frustrated and I didn't have the right mindset," Printers recalled Sunday. "What makes me comfortable now is that we have the right organization, starting from the top."

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