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Chiefs List Of Needs Is Long But Inside Linebacker Might Be Tops


Bob Gretz of has been covering the Kansas City Chiefs and pro football for over 30 years which means he's just about seen it all. And after talking with Mr. Gretz a few times throughout the season and reading his work on, it's fair to say the man knows football.

So, when he says the Chiefs number one priority this offseason should be addressing the linebackers, I listen.

Gretz was asked what the single most important position for the Chiefs to upgrade this offseason and said, "The Chiefs must improve their defense, especially their run defense and if they can’t find a big bouncer in the middle who can shut down the A gaps and flow to the B and C gaps then there’s going to be constant problems in handing the opponent’s run game."

The numbers back him up on this one. The Chiefs defense was 31st against the rush last season.

As for the number one inside linebacker in the draft? Rolando McClain out of Alabama, coached by Nick Saban, who is a former colleague of Mr. Scott Pioli.

Great player + position of need + familiarity = a Chiefs draft pick, right?

Not so fast at the fifth pick, Gretz says.

"He’s coming out of the Nick Saban defense and that’s always going to get teams like the Chiefs excited," Gretz writes. "If Pioli can make a deal and move out of No. 5 to say … No. 10, McClain would be perfect for a ticket to Kansas City."

However, Gretz also points out that it wouldn't be the first time the Chiefs GM "reached" for a player at the top of the draft.

Check out a lot more interesting insight on the Combine and other Chiefs draft related stuff over at

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