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Chiefs' Copper Gets One Year Deal, Seahawks Pursued Him, Too

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The Kansas City Chiefs made their second move of free agency Saturday morning re-signing special teams ace Terrance Copper.

Apparently, the Chiefs weren't the only ones interested.

Copper told Kevin Travis of the Washington Daily News that the Seahawks pursued him this offseason as well.

(We're assuming that by "this offseason" he meant starting on Friday when he was officially not under contract by the Chiefs.)

Copper, who turns 28 next week, also revealed that he signed a one year contract with the Chiefs. No word on the amount but a special teams player could be drawing the veteran minimum -- $630,000 -- for his experience.

"I like the coaches and I think we're getting better," Copper told the News. "We got better at the end of last year and I think we're on our way to doing some good things."

Copper has a career high 16 special teams tackles in 2009.