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All Quiet On The Thomas Jones Front

[Update 6:32 PM: Not so fast. Thomas Jones will be visiting Kansas City on Monday.]

Yesterday afternoon Jason La Canfora of NFL Network reported that both the Kansas City Chiefs and New York Jets were interested in plucking RB Thomas Jones off the open market.  He seems to fit both teams with the Chiefs looking for a bigger back and running for 1,400 yards in the Jets offense just last year.

SI's Jim Trotter says that someone close to Jones suggests he's too prideful to return to a team that just cut him so that could rule out the Jets.

Neither team has publicly expressed any interest, which isn't surprising. We haven't heard really any hard news about a player visiting the Chiefs in the first 36 hours of free agency and I'd imagine that will continue (if they have anything to say about it).

Jones fits the bill for the type of running back Todd Haley has talked about to complement Jamaal Charles so the connection to Jones isn't surprising (In fact, I suggested this not-so-unique idea days before free agency).  Haley said a few weeks ago at the NFL Combine that the Chiefs will have to do something to address that situation.

My guess is that Jones will want to do a deal sooner rather than later to strike while the iron's hot.

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