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Bears Match Chiefs 2010 Payroll In One Day Of Free Agency

Last week it was reported that the Kansas City Chiefs had approximately a $41 million payroll for the 2010 season. Of course that didn't include quite a few players that had yet to to sign or re-sign but it's still a low amount (that was bumped up a little with Mike Vrabel's signing). In fact, it's the lowest amount in the NFL barely eclipsing the Arizona Cardinals.

Well, the Chicago Bears saw that payroll and matched it.

In one day of free agency.

On Friday, the Bears committed almost $40 million in 2010 cash to three players, an amount slightly above the entire payroll of the Kansas City Chiefs and Arizona Cardinals. Welcome to the uncapped year.

Wow. Notice that that's nearly $40 million in 2010.

Julius Peppers alone received in the neighborhood of $40 million....guaranteed.

So, yes, the Chiefs do not have much money committed to 2010 and missed out on the A+ group of free agents but much of that was to be expected. It still doesn't make it any easier to swallow.

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