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Boldin Sweepstakes: Patriots Out, Chiefs And Ravens In

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Aaron Wilson of the Carroll County Times initially reported that the New England Patriots were the front-runners to land Anquan Boldin from the Arizona Cardinals.

He's softened his stance considerably since then.

According to an NFL source with knowledge of the situation, the Patriots have decided to pass after originally pursuing it hard enough that they were considered the leader.

And that leaves the Baltimore Ravens and the Kansas City Chiefs as the two teams going after Boldin with both teams in dire need of upgrades to their wide receiver corps.

ESPN's Adam Schefter originally reported the Ravens and Chiefs as the contenders to acquire him. Looks like he was right.

If this deal comes down to draft picks, then the Chiefs can offer the best package. The Chiefs have higher picks than the Ravens in both the second and third round, including an extra second rounder from the Atlanta Falcons.

Also -- and this is important -- the team that retains Boldin's rights will also likely have to be prepared to sign him to a long-term deal in the $8 million per year neighborhood.

The Chiefs certainly have the cash to do that.