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Redskins Free Agency Moves Could Affect Chiefs Draft Plans

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The Washington Redskins opened free agency and shocked the entire NFL world.

They did not pursue every high-priced free agent and offer them a contract that will cripple them in the future.

I know, I know. Shocking.

But the Redskins are still checking out a few players and, interestingly, two of them are offensive tackles. Long-time Packers OT Chad Clifton and former Jaguars OT Tony Pashos are expected to visit the 'Skins, according to reports.

This brings up an interesting question that could have a major affect on the Chiefs: Are the Redskins addressing their offensive tackles before the draft and passing on Russell Okung if he's available?

This is definitely a little early to be addressing this but it's interesting nonetheless.

If you're an Okung fan, then you better hope the Redskins are grabbing their offensive tackles in free agency.