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Waiting To Hear From The Chiefs And WR Chris Chambers

The Chiefs extended offers to all but two of their restricted free agents and re-signed veteran LB Mike Vrabel.  Those are strong moves but perhaps the most important move -- re-signing WR Chris Chambers -- hasn't happened.


The Chiefs are expected to be heavy suitors for Chambers but I imagine other teams will be eager to speak with him as well. Chambers, 32, isn't the ideal age but he can definitely still provide a spark.

ESPN's K.C. Joyner says Chambers ability to stretch the field should be attractive to teams.

That is a 12.8 vertical YPA, a total that would have ranked 23rd in the league if it had been posted over an entire season. That Chambers did this in the Chiefs' vertically challenged offense says even more for the performance and also says he should be highly pursued when the free-agent bidding starts on Friday.

Indeed, as Josh Looney of points out, 90% of passes 30 yards or over came after Chambers joined the team. Also, he is nearly double Terrell Owens' yards per attempt average so look for some teams to definitely be interested in Chambers.   

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