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Third Shift Has Start Of Chiefs Free Agency Covered

For the majority of folks your experience at Arrowhead Pride takes place between 8AM-6PM -- also known as "I'm bored at work or class and would rather read about the Chiefs".

Free agency is the one night of year we stay up into the wee hours of the night actively posting news in the NFL and of course about the Chiefs (if there is any).

The festivities begin at 11:00 PM (CST) tonight and will last until, I'm guessing, 2AMish or so.

Last year, the first open thread went up at 9:00 PM and another at 11:40 PM. Just look at the post the next morning on free agency last year. By 9:30 AM there were already quite a few reports of visits and signings. This should be fun.

Oh, and we're already going to smash our single day record for page views so thanks for blowing off work using your breaks wisely and visiting us.

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