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2009 Kansas City Chiefs Free Agency Rewind

Today, we're waiting for the Chiefs to announce their restricted free agent tender levels and of course we're waiting for free agency to start at midnight tonight.

Until then, I've put together a summary of what happened last year during the first few days of free agency, which was easily the most exciting free agency period for the Chiefs in a long time. Make sure you go back and read some of the comments in the bigger threads. They're really a lot of fun to reminisce about.

Go back in time with me, after the jump....

Three Days Before Free Agency

The Kansas City Chiefs released quite a few significant players before free agency began in 2009 - four to be exact. Donnie Edwards, Damon Huard, Michael Merritt and Patrick Surtain were all let go right before free agency began.

Free Agency Eve

Waiting for free agency to begin last year was a lot of fun. We posted three different threads starting at 9 PM and racked up over....1,200 comments. Tonight, Arrowhead Pride will be the place to talk about free agency if you're a Chiefs fan. We'll have to get some mods overflow thread duty because I don't stay up that late anymore.

Free agency eve was also when Jason Whitlock "broke" the story about Brian Waters being offended by the Chiefs' new brass. So expect some good stuff to come out over the next few days.

Free Agency Day 1

Another fun day to be on AP, the first big move for the Chiefs came on Friday afternoon. We caught wind that the Chiefs had traded an undisclosed draft pick for Mike Vrabel. Little did we know what else what coming the next day....

Free Agency Day 2

This is when free agency really became fun. Cassel and Vrabel came to the Chiefs for a second round pick and 91% of you approved of the trade. We had lots of Cassel coverage and people were hopeful for a great 2010.

Free Agency Day 3 and Beyond

After the Cassel/Vrabel hoopla died down a bit, the Chiefs went about their normal free agency business over the next couple of weeks:

  • Signed: WR C.J. Jones, LB Darrell Robertson, S Jon McGraw, CB Travis Daniels, WR Bobby Engram, WR Terrance Copper, LB Monty Beisel
  • Released: QB Quinn Gray, CB David Macklin, LS Jean-Philippe Darche

All of these moves happened in March. We'll touch up the April moves later this month.

Are you excited yet?

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