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Kansas City Afternoon Sports Talk Radio Gets A Shake-Up

If you live in Kansas City, then you know there are pretty much two sports talk stations around -- 810 WHB and 610 Sports. Between those two stations and Sirius NFL Radio, I've got my drive to and from work covered.

610 Sports used to run the Chris and Cowboy Show from 2:00-6:00 PM during the week. In February, Cowboy left making it just Hamblin and the Afternoon Saloon.

Well, Hamblin has announced on his blog that he's leaving 610 Sports following his final show this afternoon.

His replacement?

Our pal Nick Wright, who's currently manning the 9:00-11:00 AM slot, will take over the afternoon slot.

For those who like to listen to the Chiefs, this is a good thing. Wright talks about the Chiefs more than just about any radio host out there.

Whether you agree with that's another story.

Congrats to Nick Wright and best of luck to Chris Hamblin.

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