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Chiefs Scouts Likely Attending A Few Pro Days Today

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We heard yesterday that reps from the Kansas City Chiefs will be on hand for the Penn pro day. Those prospects are mostly late rounders and undrafted free agents.

However, there are two more pro days today that will dominate the headlines -- USC and Texas.

Every team goes to the USC and Texas pro days almost every year so it's a good guess Kansas City will be represented.

For USC, the Chiefs may be looking at S Taylor Mays. It's tough to predict where he's going to go -- first to second round or so. We're not sure if the Chiefs are interested in him but they do need safety help.

The same goes for Texas S Earl Thomas, who the Chiefs reportedly worked out. Thomas is likely a candidate if the Chiefs trade down. He's been often linked to the Dolphins at the 12th pick.

Two other pro days are going on -- South Carolina and South Carolina State (Which means Kent Babb will have a front page spread of all things South Carolina, his hometown).