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With The 23rd Pick in the Arrowhead Pride Mock Draft, the Green Bay Packers Select...

craig in calgary with the pick...


If I was to describe the 2009 Green Bay Packers season in a nutshell, I'd do it with this simple picture.

Aaron Rodgers was on his ass early and often; In fact, he was sacked a mindnumbing (literally) 50 times in 2009. To put this number into perspective, Matt Cassel who was on his back more than Paris Hilton was only sacked 42 times so sufficed to say, the OLine was an issue. The issue reached a boiling point in 2009 after the Packers lost to the Brett Favre led (And if it wasn't for a ridiculous 12 men in the huddle penalty, 8 lost fumbles, a horseshit pass interference penalty in overtime and archaic OT rule, would be Superbowl Championship) Minnesota Vikings in which Rodgers was sacked 6 times, including 3 from Jared Allen resulted in the following text message conversation between Aaron Rodgers and GM Ted Thompson:

AR: Hey Thompson u Grey haired jackass, get me some Offensive Line Help ASAP

TT: Who is this and how did u get my number?

AR: It's ur freaking Quarterback!!!!11

TT: Brett? lol

AR: U said u wouldn’t bring him up nemore if i destroyed those pix wit u and that trannie!!!!

TT: Ok ok, chill. Just stay alive, help is on its way in the 2010 draft.

AR: Good cuz I'm a girly boy and not 1/2 the QB that Brett was

TT: Agreed. Drafting u and cutting brett was the dumbest thing I've ever done :(

Ok, obviously that was incredibly stupid and not an actual conversation but it's true that Aaron Rodgers wasn't as effective as he needed to be behind the makeshift offensive line. When Clifton and Taucher came back, the unit played a little better however it's clear that changes need to be made. Since it's too hard to fix an entire OLine in a single offseason, I decided to draft a QB that is so good, he doesn't even need an O-Line. Ladies and Gentlemen, the new Quarterback of the Green Bay Packers, Mr. Timothy Richard Tebow!!!!!


What... Did you expect me to draft someone else?

Ok, since the Brothers Thorman were kind enough to allow me to participate in this draft, I'll take it seriously. Yes the Packers O-Line is old and yes it needs upgrading. Packers won't do anything if they can't keep Aaron Rodgers upright especially since they play either Julius Peppers or Jared Allen in 25% of their games.

That's why without over thinking it, I'm grabbing the top rated O-Lineman left on Mike Mayock’s big board and that person is Charles "Don’t call me Charlie" Brown. I have no insider information about what the Packers would do, I don’t know if Charles Brown fits in their OLine scheme nor do if he is good enough to take over a position from Taucher or Clifton day 1. What I do know is, you can never have too many good O-Linemen and I am a firm believer in picking guys from Big Time College programs and USC is about as "Big Time" as they come. What I do know about this kid is he has said to excel as a pass blocker and that is exactly what they need in Green Bay.

So what say you fellow Arrowhead Priders, is Charles Brown the proper pick? Or should I have stuck to my guns and picked my boy Tebow?!?

Who else is out there that would better push the Packers to the next level?

Number Team Position Player Selected by
1 St. Louis Rams QB Sam Bradford UCrawford
2 Detroit Lions DT Ndamukong Suh upamtn
3 Tampa Bay Bucs DT Gerald McCoy Larryemcdaniel
4 Washington Redskins OT Russell Okung ChuckDiesel
5 Kansas City Chiefs S Eric Berry ChiefsFan90s
6 Seattle Seahawks OT Bryan Bulaga Matt Conner
7 Cleveland Browns QB Jimmy Clausen HIV2Elway
8 Oakland Raiders OT Bruce Campbell mushin
9 Buffalo Bills OT Anthony Davis ArrowDread
10 Jacksonville Jaguars DE Derrick Morgan GenericBrand
11 Denver Broncos
WR Dez Bryant kcnos56
12 Miami Dolphins DE
Jason Pierre-Paul Sam D
13 San Francisco 49ers CB
Joe Haden jterry
14 Seattle Seahawks RB
C.J Spiller Matt Conner
15 New York Giants LB
Rolando McClain CHIEFER
16 Tennessee Titans S
Earl Thomas justinmayhugh
17 San Francisco 49ers OT
Trent Williams jterry
18 Pittsburgh Steelers CB
Kyle Wilson Godlovetheredman14
19 Atlanta Falcons LB
Sean Witherspoon IamthreGreatest
20 Houston Texans RB
Ryan Matthews ChiefsDude
21 Cincinnati Bengals TE
Jermaine Gresham PSUkegreen
22 New England Patriots DE
Jared Odrick stagdsp
23 Green Bay Packers OT
Charles Brown
craig in calgary
24 Philadelphia Eagles

25 Baltimore Ravens

Ben S
26 Arizona Cardinals

27 Dallas Cowboys

28 San Diego Chargers

29 New York Jets

30 Minnesota Vikings

31 Indianapolis Colts

32 New Orleans Saints

King of the Cassel

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