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Redskins Expected To Drive Up The Price For Peppers, Sproles

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The Washington Redskins are expected to be big players in free agency and drive up the market value of a few of the top names, a club executive told Don Banks of

As we told you earlier this week, the Redskins are expected to make a run at Julius Peppers and Darren Sproles.

"The feeling we get is that nobody's going to be very active in free agency except for the Redskins,'' the club executive said. "We're hearing they have significant interest in Julius Peppers and Darren Sproles.''

Interesting -- but certainly not surprising -- thoughts.

On Peppers, Banks writes, "The Redskins are poised to come after the ex-Panthers franchise player with their go-to combination of Daniel Snyder's private jet and a Brink's truck, which seems to work every time."

On Sproles, Banks writes, "The Eagles are reportedly interested, and if so, Sproles would fill the third-down back/return man role quite nicely."

The Chiefs have a TON of needs across the board so I suspect they won't get too caught up in the Peppers and Sproles sweepstakes if the price is far, far out of their range.

Less than 36 hours away....