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Derrick Johnson's Tender Level Could Speak To Future With The Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs will more than likely offer a tender to restricted free agent Derrick Johnson before the onset of free agency tomorrow night. What we don't know is what level that will be at.

Since there is expected to be a lot more movement going on in the restricted free agent market, tender levels can say a lot about a player, according to Michael Lombardi of the National Football Post.

"If a team is interested in trading a player," Lombardi writes, "it might lower the tender and make it attractive for a team to come in and make an offer. If a team tenders a first and a third, most teams will back off, but if they tender just a first rounder, there might be more action."

Insert DJ's name in there and see what happens.

If the Chiefs are interested in keeping him, they could tender him at a first and third round pick and some teams might shy away. However, if they tender him at just the first round pick level, there could be some teams inquiring about his availability.

So, keep an eye on DJ's tender level. There's been plenty of speculation swirling regarding his future with the team.

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