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Chiefs Players Came Back In "Pretty Good Shape"

Another difference from the offseason program last year to this year.

The Chiefs players are actually in shape at the start of the offseason program.

Last year, there was that oft-cited statistic by the coaching staff that by the end of training camp the team had lost over 700 pounds. This was obviously a major point of emphasis for Todd Haley entering his first season with the Chiefs.

"Coach Haley, as a strength coach, is great because he puts so much emphasis on it," new strength and conditioning coach Mike Clark told Josh Looney of today. "It just makes your job easier. The players know right away they need to work and work extremely hard. By him placing an emphasis on that, it has made my job easier so I don't have to sell the program as much."

So many times throughout the offseason program last year the Chiefs were spending time getting into shape in order to run the necessary drills. That means less time for learning the offense and defense and more time doing the simple stuff.

That won't be the case this year, according to new strength and conditioning coach Mike Clark.

"These guys came back in -- for the most part -- they're in pretty good shape. I was impressed."

Clark, by the way, grew up in Kansas City. He says at one point he could name all the players on the team and it's a "dream come true" to work for the Chiefs.

It sounds like the Chiefs offseason program is off to a great start.

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