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Chiefs Were On Hand For Sam Bradford's "Near Flawless" Workout

According to Gil Brandt of, Sam Bradford just completed a "near flawless" workout at Oklahoma's pro day -- a workout that the Chiefs were on hand to catch.

Bradford threw 63 passes (13 during a stationary period and 50 scripted throws) during the workout and, in my estimation, didn't have one that was uncatchable. He moved around well, including throwing on the run out of the pocket, and went through the entire route tree. The scripted workout included three-, five- and seven-step drops, shotgun, and play-action plays, plus sprints and rollouts to both sides.    

It left longtime NFL man Gil Brandt "speechless" and said it's the best workout he's seen since Troy Aikman.


The workout was run by Terry Shea, who was actually the Chiefs quarterbacks coach a few years back.

Here's some information on the other guys that were working out but the story of the day is Bradford.

(H/T ICTChief)

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