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Chiefs Impressed With Division II Kicker

As we've said before around here, we're really digging covering this off season because of all of the tidbits of info we're able to get out of searching Twitter. Case in point, we caught wind of a tryout the Chiefs were having with a college kicker via Filip Filipovic's Twitter feed. Filipovic is a former NFL journeyman kicker who now coaches kickers and punters in the Illinois and Michigan area.

Filipovic recently tweeted that the Kansas City Chiefs had a workout with Grand Valley state kicker Todd Carter. Not only that, apparently a Chiefs coach (We're not sure exactly who it is) was very impressed with Carter's tryout:

Todd Carter hit a 4.49 second hang time kickoff during the tryout with KC Chiefs. I heard coach say "Holy Sh*t" 3 times. Good sign.

I did a little digging and apparently the unofficial record for kick off hang time is around 4.65 seconds, which helps put Carter's kick in perspective.

Like the vast majority of kickers in the NFL, Carter isn't expected to be drafted. According to our watch, the Chiefs are interested in only two other kickers and punters: Michigan P Zoltan Mesko and Baker K Derek Doerfler (and the latter is only coming in because he's local). Judging by his field goal numbers, the Chiefs are looking at Carter exclusively for his kick off strength. Carter also played goalie on the soccer team at Grand Valley St. for three years.

If the Chiefs did indeed pick up Carter at some point during this off season, he would join fellow Grand Valley St. alum and Chiefs CB Brandon Carr as one of the team's few D-II pick ups. The Chiefs have also shown interest in Grand Valley St. left tackle Nick McDonald.

If you're really hard core, check out a scouting video on Carter after the jump.

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