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Chiefs WR Jerheme Urban Likes Todd Haley's Consistency

"Be the same guy every day."

Sound familiar? It should. That's one of the many Haleyisms we've heard since the Chiefs coach arrived in Kansas City over a year ago.

He preaches consistency so that the staff can know what to expect from you.

New Chiefs receiver Jerheme Urban talked with Soren Petro on the Red Zone Podcast on Wednesday and praised Haley's consistency.

"Todd's coached me hard from our days in Dallas together, then those two years in Arizona. He's just so consistent and demands perfection.

"I think a lot of peopel see glimpses of him on TV where he's yelling at guys and getting irate, but, you know what, I appreciate that. He's the same guy in the meeting room and the same guy on the practice field. On game days, he's not putting up a front for anyone. He's going to coach you hard because he's passionate.

"To find someone that consistent at this level is awesome."

High praise for the Chiefs coach. What some think is a detriment in his coaching style, others enjoy. Interesting.

Check out the full interview over at the Red Zone Podcast.

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