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Chiefs CB Brandon Carr Gets Paid

One of the downsides of being a low-round pick, like Chiefs CB Brandon Carr, and performing well on the field, again like Carr, is that you're probably not being paid what you're worth.

Carr is still playing off of his rookie contract that pays him $1.36 million over three years. Hardly starters money.

But he's making it up with the league's performance-based pay program, which in 2009 was a fund of about $109 million that was used to distribute to players based on a formula that takes into account playing time versus salary.

Carr's haul?


Not bad especially when you consider Carr pocketed $263,058 last year under the same program. That nearly matched his $295,000 base salary in 2008.

Last year Matt Cassel was one of the big winners under the program bringing in an extra $238,160.

The leader in 2009 was Vikings C John Sullivan who took in an extra $397,555.

(H/T groundedchevy)

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