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Chiefs Officially Re-Sign Two Players

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The Kansas City Chiefs re-signed two players on Sunday, according to

First is OL Ikechuku Ndukwe, an offensive linemen. Ndukwe had what we believe was a second round tender placed on him. This just means that he actually signed the tender now.

Second is FB Mike Cox, who was an exclusive rights free agent. Basically, he had no negotiating rights with other teams (like restricted free agents do) and either had to sign the Chiefs tender or not play.

Cox's situation is a little strange. 

Back in January, he did an interview with a TV station indicating that he didn't know what his next move would be because he's a free agent. I did a story on that.

That evening a league source informed me that Cox was not a free agent, but an exclusive rights free agent, which is about the farthest thing away from unrestricted a free agent can get.

In the end, he's back with the Chiefs.

(H/T giftedchiefsfan)