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Pioli: Wiegmann Signing Doesn't Mean Niswanger's Gone

When the Kansas City Chiefs welcomed home center Casey Wiegmann, I think the prevailing thought was that he would start and Niswanger's status would be up in the air.

Is Niswanger a backup center? Is he a swing lineman? How about a guard?

Chiefs GM Scott Pioli says Wiegmann's signing is nothing more than creating competition at key positions.

"Don’t make it out to be some sort of ominous sign that means this player is on the way out," Pioli said according to Adam Teicher of the Kansas City Star. "Here’s what it means for Rudy: It means there’s going to be stiff competition for his position just like every other player has. We’re trying to get better."

"That competition will sort itself out. We’re trying to put the five best offensive linemen that fit out on the field. Other than that, we’re not going to be boxed into anything."


Wiegmann was reportedly released from the Broncos because they wanted to find a bigger lineman for their power-running game. However, he seems to fit well with the scheme the Chiefs are implementing.

"We went back and watched games specifically against some of the bigger players and the bigger nose tackles and Casey played well," he said. "He’s a very smart, crafty football player and still a solid starter in the National Football League."

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