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A Kansas City Team Wins A Playoff Game

Kansas City's struggles during the playoffs are fairly well-documented.

The Chiefs haven't won a playoff game since January 16th, 1994. There have been opportunities since then -- maybe not as many as we'd like -- but the Chiefs haven't been able to get it done in over 16 years.

And it's not just the Chiefs. It's the Royals, too. They haven't recorded a playoff victory since October 27th, 1985.

But today Kansas City has a team capable of winning a playoff game. Unfortunately, it's just not one many of you have heard of.

Assured of one home playoff game in the opening-round, best-of-three series, the Mavericks seized that moment with a 4-2 win over the Mississippi RiverKings and will now take that lead on the road.

Yes, the Missouri Mavericks hockey team have won as many playoff games as the Chiefs and Royals combined since January 16th, 1994.


[Editor's Note: Yes, this is likely the last time we ever reference hockey again.]

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