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With The 10th Pick In The 2010 Arrowhead Pride Mock Draft, The Jacksonville Jaguars Select...

GenericBrand with the pick...

Derrick Morgan, Defensive End, Georgia Tech.
The Jaguars are in a tough boat coming into this years draft. If it wasn't bad enough that they are in a division with Peyton Manning and the Colts, and two other good up and coming teams who improve every year, they also have alot of holes all over their lineup that need to be filled. Oddly enough though, despite having alot of holes that need improvement this team is very competitive every season.
Coming off a 7-9 season where they could've easily been 9-7 theres a few needs that stand out more then others. And with the ton of talent still available at #10 theres so many different directions they could go. They have a need in the defensive secondary where a guy like Joe Haden or Earl Thomas would make a huge impact. They also have needs at DT and LB but in this draft selecting those may be a bit of a reach. They have a needs on offense like another primary WR like Dez Bryant or surprisingly enough, according to those who follow the team closely, another RB like CJ Spiller. But the pick is Derrick Morgan and here is why...

Coming into last offseason there were two major issues with the Chiefs. One was "We have no players to run a 3-4 defense" and the other was "We set a record for futility in the pass rush and we need a consistent great pass rusher". Oddly enough these same things are being echo'd throughout the Jaguarsphere this offseason as well.
The Jaguars last season put up a porrous 14 sacks and while it isn't an NFL record of 10 its definetly something that throws up a red flag. Pressure on the QB makes everyone elses job on the defense that much easier. The Jags did go out and try to address it this offseason by signing defensive end Aaron Kampman, who should help raise those totals. As Chief fans and having gone through this ourselves we saw last year how only adding one pass rusher doesnt drag you out of the sack basement especially with DT issues. Hali got extra attention all year no matter where he lined up and really couldnt make that big of a difference on his own. Having another player that can get after the QB is essential to really get the pressure needed to help out the rest of the defense.
The other issue is the Jags also not only run a 4-3 defense now but also have a 3-4 base defense that they shift into. Unfortunately not all players necesarily fit into this shift and Aaron Kampman, based on his year in Green Bays 3-4 last season, is one of those players.
Derrick Morgan solves all of the above. This kid is flat out a pass rusher and the best one available on the board at this point. At 6'3 265-270lbs, he is big and strong enough to put his hand in the dirt in a 4-3 and agile enough to drop into pass coverage and rush from an OLB position in the 3-4. At his GT pro day he was already showing vast improvement in his pass coverage drops compared to what he did at the combine and will only get better. Morgan had a put together great sophomore and junior seasons at Georgia Tech earning honorable mention for All-ACC his sophomore year and ACC Defensive Player of the year in his Junior year.
This is a difficult and wildcard pick thats hard to predict as Gene Smith, GM of the Jags, is not afraid to go with the best player available despite the "needs" the team may have. Also depending how much fanfare there is around Tim Tebow its not impossible to think Smith drafts him either. Another option here is Jason Pierre-Paul but I chose Morgan over Paul because of the versatility he provides being able to play either DE in a 4-3 or OLB in a 3-4.

Thanks alot to the guys and gals over at BCC for all of their help and impact and goodluck to the Jacksonville Jaguars in 2010!

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