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GM Scott Pioli Speaks About Chiefs, Patriots

Kansas City Chiefs GM Scott Pioli is in Orlando this week for the annual NFL owners meetings. Before making his way into the Ritz-Carlton hotel, he stopped to speak with reporters for a few minutes.

On the agenda was the difference between his time in New England versus Kansas City.

The biggest difference, Pioli says, is that the Chiefs are farther away than the Patriots were when they took over in 2000.

"The big difference is that, in Kansas City, I was starting at ground zero," he said Sunday afternoon, stopping to chat for a few minutes in the lobby of the Ritz-Carlton, where the NFL owners meetings are taking place this week.

From 2008 to 2009, the Chiefs doubled their win total from two to four wins.

"Where I'd come from," he said, referring to his years with the Patriots, "we had a system and a program that was up and running, with people with a great deal of experience."

Pioli also touched on the process of bringing in people familiar with the type of experience necessary to field winning teams. He's been criticized by local media for following "The Patriot Way" too much and bringing in a lot of former Patriots players and coaches.

"Look at what Josh (McDaniel) is doing in Denver. Look what happened when Brian Billick went to the Ravens, or when Andy Reid went to Philadelphia. (Bill) Parcells has done it everywhere he's gone."

This is true (and something we've talked about before).

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