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Chiefs Could Learn This Week About Primetime Games, Compensatory Picks

Starting on Monday the NFL owners will get together in Orlando for their annual meetings. There will certainly be plenty of rumors floating around because each team's decision markers will all be under the same roof.

It's always fun to see what if any deals are worked out during this week.

A couple football-related items on the agenda are the announcement of prime-time games and compensatory draft picks.

Prime-time games

The league generally announces a handful of prime-time games during the meetings. Though the complete schedule won't be out until sometime in April, we could find out if the Chiefs are going to end their prime-time drought.

Compensatory picks

There's a whole long formula that the NFL uses to award teams who lost free agents in the free agency period the year before.

You can read about the entire process here.

There's also a blogger named AdamJT13 who is actually known around football media circles as the best predictor of compensatory picks. The NFL's formula for award compensatory picks is secret but he gets closer than just about anyone.

In his projection for 2010, the Chiefs do not have any qualifying players they lost last year (Jason Babin, Oliver Celestin, Rocky Boiman, Adrian Jones and Pat Thomas).

However, the Chiefs may be eligible for a non-compensatory pick. Basically, 27 true compensatory picks are projected and the NFL's formula hands out 32 so starting in draft order they will start award non-compensatory picks tacked onto the end of the 7th round.

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