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Arrowheadlines: Chiefs News 3/21

Kansas City Chiefs news from across the internet is gathered here for your enjoyment. Page and Dorsey blew up Twitter last night. Some pretty funny stuff.

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Think back a few weeks, to a point before free agency started. Can you imagine someone telling you that the Chiefs would be able to land a recent Pro Bowl center and a 28-year-old guard who played in two of the last four Super Bowls? And that they would do it before St. Patrick’s Day?...

...As we all know, those additions have actually happened in the form of two ex-Chiefs who’ve returned to Kansas City. One of them – Casey Wiegmann – was a starter here from 2001-2007. The other – Ryan Lilja – was originally a Chief during the summer of his rookie season before he was cut and claimed off waivers by the Indianapolis Colts.

Instead of providing us with some certainty about the offensive line, though, these new signings have actually left us here at Warpaint Illustrated with more questions than answers about where the line is headed.

Lilja & Wiegmann: More Questions Than Answers from WPI

The Dolphins agreed to a contract with Dansby and officially released Porter on the same day, March 5th, the opening of free agency. It was two weeks before Porter found employment with the Cardinals.

Porter’s signing was the only highlight of the first two days in the third week of the NFL off-season. That lack of action figures to continue as the NFL’s movers and shakers have all traveled to Orlando for the league’s annual March meetings.


The Wolves joined the AIFA this year, trying to fill a void left by the San Jose SaberCats when the Arena Football League went bankrupt after the 2008 season.

"In the Bay, they like winners and they know their football," Wolves quarterback Omar Jacobs said.

Jacobs, one of two former NFL players on the Wolves, threw for five touchdowns. He had brief stints with the Pittsburgh Steelers, Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs but was cut by all three teams without seeing regular-season play. He hopes this will be his avenue back to the NFL.

San Jose Wolves win their debut from

Homemade spinach pies are out; packaged baked potato chips are in. Mom's pumpkin bread is out; Kellogg's Pop-Tarts are in -- but they must be the whole-grain brown-sugar cinnamon variety.

At public school bake sales, Pop-Tarts are among 29 items the Department of Education has deemed nutritionally sound enough to sell in lieu of homemade goods, which have been banned in part because they do not list nutritional content...

...But critics say the numbers are beside the point because the rule discourages home-baking practices that teach children to value fresh food and give people a reason to go to a bake sale, which can bring in several hundred dollars to pay for extras such as field trips and school supplies.

"Why would you go to a bake sale to buy baked potato chips?" said Mitzi Dulan, a nutritionist and registered dietitian whose clients include the Kansas City Chiefs football team and the Royals baseball team. A better plan would be to offer parents recipes for healthier snacks to sell, she said.

New York schools' ban on homemade goods at bake sales has parents steamed from The LA Times


The ex-players that I have the opportunity to visit with occasionally always express their love for the city and their fans. Every conversation that I have with a former player usually ends up with ‘tell everyone down there that I miss ‘em and I'm still pulling for the Saints’ kind of message.

Since Saints players are virtually adopted for life by the fans, I just thought that it would be a treat just to let you know where some of the former players are that reside outside of this area...

- Kyle Turley’s playing days have been done for a few seasons. It seems like just yesterday he was spotted tossing a New York Jets around at the Superdome, doesn't it ? Well, he's 34 years old now and retired from the NFL. After spending 1998-2002  in the Crescent City, his trail to him to the Rams from 2003-04 . His career ended with the Kansas City Chiefs from 2006-07. He was the 7th player overall taken and the 1st round pick in the 1998 NFL Draft. He is now living in Overland Park, Kansas.

New Orleans Saints: Where are they now? from

Player Tweets (also known today as Jarrad Page NCAA analysis and Glenn Dorsey sings the bracket blues)


JarradPage44 Damn Murray St. U can't even get a shot off wit 18seconds? Fittingly they ended the game with a turnover I think they had more to's than fgs
JarradPage44 RT @vinvas22 Chiefs fans are gonna hate you now. RT @JarradPage44: LET'S GO NORTHERN IOWA!!! NO LOVE 4 KU<< A BRUIN can't cheer for KU
JarradPage44 Yall werent sayin that when we knocked yall out a few yrs back RT @azecho @JarradPage44 does ucla still have a basketball program?
GlennDorsey72 This is a good game.. KU still can win..
JarradPage44 Typical lower seed panic!! I don't understand it. Can UNI keep their compusure 4 the last 40 seconds?? Geeez
JarradPage44 I'm glad my bracket is all messed up. At least I'm not like The President who has KU winning it all. Btw GO PAC 10!!! GOODBYE JAYHAWKS!!
GlennDorsey72 Damn I picked KU.. WTF
MrKolbySmith Wow!!!! Shocker!!!! #KU-lost?????????
JarradPage44 Gotta go out and ball this season to gain back the KU/CHIEFS fans Sorry y'all I can't help it tho Can't stand KU. Maybe some ints will help
JarradPage44 My cat is a fiend for Top Ramen. He climbed up on the stove to get some. Dont ask me why I eat Top Ramen. Lol. I love it. Chicken flavor lol
GlennDorsey72 Shoutouts to my new followers! Welcome to the fam!!!!
GlennDorsey72 Lol check out my commercial!
GlennDorsey72 Hate em all!RT @DocFluty: @GlennDorsey72 who is the offensive lineman you hate playing against the most?


Media and Fans


mellinger Not to belabor, but this has the makings of one of those "arrogance" games #KU #kubb
AroundTheHorn Agree and agree. RT @chrisp9446 UNI is smokemonstering my bracket, but I'm OK with that.
WhitlockJason After sitting on their hands for 30 minutes, K-State fans are now firmly on the UNI bandwagon. Purple Passion.
mellinger Whatever happens here, @WhitlockJason looking pretty smart
Adam_Schefter Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't President Obama pick Kansas to win it all?
Adam_Schefter RT @corcoran310: Yes, and he picked 'Nova to go to final 4. Not a good day for the tournament picker-in-chief.

mortreport  Good seeing plenty of NFL folks early in Orlando. Meetings start Sun. Sunday morning SportsCenter to talk some NFL. (or DVR & go to church!)

mortreportRT @RaidersBlog: What does it say about Morrison, that Arizona went with Jerry Porter after Wimbley was traded?>> talking 3-4 defense.

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