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Add Appalachian State To Chiefs Pro Day List

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We've got another pro day to add to the Chiefs draft interests list. The headliner of the day (actually Tuesday) was QB Armanti Edwards.

He's unique because of his height -- 5'11" -- but of course he's more athletic than the average quarterback. He didn't run at the Combine but did on Tuesday.

He threw for scouts which included the Chiefs, reports the other AP.

Edwards has numerous other private workouts planned, but with different itineraries.

Edwards said Jacksonville wants him to return kicks, while Carolina, New England, Indianapolis and Miami want him to work out at quarterback and receiver.

Also in attendance were the Ravens, Bills, Panthers, Browns, Lions, Jaguars, Eagles, Steelers and Redskins.

I'm not sure if the Chiefs are in the position of taking a luxury player, which it appears Edwards would be. The report mentioned Pat White, who was a second round pick, as an example of creating positions for athletic players.