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Alabama's Terrence Cody Lining Up Visits With 3-4 Teams

Despite two of the better defensive tackles in recent memory headlining the top five picks in the NFL Draft, Alabama's Terrence Cody feels he is the only "true" 3-4 nose tackle and should be taken in the top half of the first round.

"I’ll be happy to get drafted, but I’m shooting for the top 10 or top 15 picks," Cody said.

Judging by his pre-draft visits being scheduled, his destination may be closer to the end of the first round.

Cody told the National Football Post in a telephone interview that he has visits lined up with the Baltimore Ravens, San Diego Chargers and New York Jets.

All three run a 3-4 defense. All three are also picking in the bottom third of the draft.

Baltimore (25), San Diego (28) and New York (29) are expected to give serious thought to Cody.

The Chiefs have the 37th pick in the draft.

Cody's momentum is positive at this point. After weighing as much as 400 pounds his junior season, he's down to 348 pounds losing weight each of his last two weigh-ins at the Senior Bowl and NFL Combine. He said his playing weight would be best around the 345-350 pound range.

"I feel like I’m that perfect 3-4 player," Cody said. "I took up those blocks for Rolando and we both did really good this season. He was running free and getting involved. After the first play of the game, I knew if they were going to run away from me."

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