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Browns Don't Rule Out Trading Up For A Quarterback

Though many disagree with me, I've stated my position that the best scenario for the Kansas City Chiefs is for one quarterback to be on the board when it comes time to pick in the 2010 NFL Draft. My assertion is based on two things: Trading back is the ideal scenario for the Chiefs and teams generally only trade up for a quarterback.

That said, the Cleveland Browns have said they've listened to teams call about their pick (7th overall) and aren't ruling out anything, including a trade up.

"I don't think we're closing the door on anything," Browns GM Tom Heckert said at the NFL Combine. "We're not shutting the door on moving up or even moving back. We're listening to a lot of different teams. It's still early. We have talked to teams about moving up and moving back. We're not closing the door on any position."    

Browns head coach Eric Mangini noted that while with the New York Jets they traded up to get CB Darrelle Revis and LB David Harris so he wouldn't rule anything out.

If one of the two quarterbacks are available -- and it's possible they will be with the Washington Redskins massive hole at left tackle -- then it's possible GM Scott Pioli could call his old friend Eric Mangini to swing a deal.

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