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With The 7th Pick In The 2010 Arrowhead Pride Mock Draft, The Cleveland Browns Select...

This is a first. HIV2Elway has done his pick in all haiku.

Take it away....

Team has many needs
Trading Quinn set Cleveland back
Need first round homerun
Willing to trade up
Our first and third for pick five
Shot down by Primetime
But luck came our way
When Matt Conner screwed the pooch
And took a tackle
Browns have strong o-line
Joe Thomas holds down left side
Mack Truck is a beast
The Browns need it all
So start with face of franchise
Man under center
With the seventh pick
Cleveland takes Jimmy Clausen
QB, Notre Dame
Ran Pro Style offense
Received NFL coaching
Under Charlie Weis
Does he have strong arm?
Nothing to write home about
But he looks the part
Is he accurate?
Don’t fool yourself, he’s no Brees
But he looks the part
Make his team better?
One and two against Navy
But he looks the part
Will fans welcome him?
Spiky hair, dbag lifestyle
Doesn’t fit Cleveland
Lets use some clichés
Hate the term “difference maker”
“Has strong motor” too
Clichés are lazy
Use meaningful adjectives
And you earn respect
Drew Carey is tight
Paul Newman will break your legs
Cleveland aint half bad
Cleveland loves football
Too bad the Browns are awful
Must lock up LeBron
Sorry I’m away
and cannot discuss the pick
I got work to do

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