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Chiefs Showing Interest In A Few Lesser Known Players

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The Kansas City Chiefs scouts are all over the country once again today and we're starting to hear some names they're looking at.

According to, Georgia DT Kade Weston is garnering interest from the Chiefs and another 3-4 team, the Jets.

Weston has the nose tackle size at 6'5", 325 pounds. He's projected to go in the late rounds, if drafted at all.

The Chiefs are also in attendance at the Temple pro day. It's not a big football school so there are only a few big names. According to NFL Draft Bible, the Chiefs, Raiders and Eagles are among the teams in attendance.

Players for Temple include:

DT Andre Neblett: He's 6'0", 297 pounds, which is similar to Glenn Dorsey. He's projected as a late round pick, if drafted at all.

ILB Alex Joseph: 6'1", 236 pound inside linebacker. Also expected to be a late round pick if drafted.

TE Steve Maneri: Big tight end at 6'6", 275 pounds. Appears to be mainly a blocking tight end that could be drafted late.

The Chiefs also attended the Fresno State and Virginia pro days, according to