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Texans Gave Wade Smith More Money Than Chiefs Gave Ryan Lilja

In the first week of free agency the Kansas City Chiefs lost right guard Wade Smith to the Houston Texans. The Chiefs wanted to keep him but -- and this is just speculation here -- didn't want to pay him as much as the Texans did.

His final bill with the Texans?

Four years, $12 million. 

Those numbers are why I was so surprised to see the Chiefs deal with Ryan Lilja.

Three years, $7.5 million. No word yet on how the guaranteed portions breakdown but it's still a significant amount less than what Smith fetched on the open market.

So what does that mean?

Are the Chiefs just shrewd negotiators? Did Lilja take a hometown discount? Is Lilja less of a player than Smith?

I'm not sure what the case is but I like it.

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