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Could the Browns Shake Up the Top of the NFL Draft?

If Mary Kay Cabot is correct, the next six week should be a lot of fun. And even if the Chiefs aren't directly involved, the potential swirl at the top of the draft around them should affect everything they're planning on.

According to a recent Twitter post (weird to write that out as an actual news source) by Cabot, who's the Browns beat writer for the Cleveland Plain-Dealer, new Team President of Everything Mike Holmgren announced "he'll consider drafting a QB with the Browns No. 7 pick or trading up to get one." She also notes that, "He likes QB Sam Bradford 'a lot.'"

What does this mean? Well, if the guy likes Sam Bradford enough, it means the entire draft will change from the top down. I realize that Adam Schefter also has the Rams liking the same quarterback and they also have the first pick, but we all know the risk and cost associated with a top pick in the draft, so it's hard to believe the Rams wouldn't at least listen to offers. Then again, general manager Billy Devaney said that very thing at the recent NFL Combine, noting that he's open to listen to any offers.

Consider the consequences if the Browns try to trade up in the draft to secure the rights to Bradford or even another top quarterback -- perhaps Jimmy Clausen. This means that the Rams still need a quarterback themselves, who also may try to trade up for the runner-up, depending on if both teams like both guys enough to make something like that work. Either way, there's movement in the top five, which means that certain key defensive players might tumble faster than Kevin Federline's star power.

No matter how the trade scenarios shake down, there's one primary thing for Chiefs personnel to have to worry about: having to choose among the best defensive players in the draft. Most mock drafts now have the Chiefs grabbing the best safety in the draft in Eric Berry. But what if Gerald McCoy or even Ndamukong Suh were somehow available at No. 5. Do the Chiefs have to at least think about taking another defensive linemen that high? After all, those two are supposedly the top two talent-wise in the entire draft.

Whether it's the Seahawks, the 49ers, the Jaguars, the Bills or the Browns trading up, the end result for the Chiefs remains the same, since each and every team who would seek to trade up higher than the No. 5 pick would most likely be aiming for a quarterback. And Holmgren's public statement -- true or not -- means that those teams who were thinking about making a move before better get their offers ready because someone at least has made a public declaration of interest.

It's the game of draft chicken that becomes so much fun to watch every year and Holmgren's new landing spot certainly provides a nice level of intrigue.

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