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Chiefs Work Out A Left Tackle

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The Kansas City Chiefs conducted a private workout with a left tackle. But, as WtexKC says, it's not a first round left tackle.

Nick McDonald, 6'5", 310 pounds, hails from Grand Valley State, a D-II school. It was a lower level but he was still an All American.

The Chiefs had a private workout with him last week, according to Brian VanOchten of the Grand Rapids Press.

McDonald had a private workout with the Kansas City Chiefs last week. He hopes to hear from them about a free-agent contract offer after the NFL draft.

"I worked out for the Chiefs and they told me that I helped myself. All you need is for one (scout) to like you. I'm fine with whatever happens," he said. "It's just about getting a shot."

McDonald apparently doesn't have a great shot of being drafted but Scott Pioli and Co. have surprised before. He doesn't appear to be a high-on-the-radar prospect but then again neither was Brian Waters, who was undrafted.

(H/T WtexKC)