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Can Josh McDaniels Turn Brady Quinn Into The Next Matt Cassel?

Brady Quinn and Matt Cassel aren't really that similar at all. One started nearly all four years at Notre Dame while the other sat on the bench at USC. One was a first round pick while the other was taken in the draft's final round. One came in with high expectations and the other came in with no expectations.

But because of how Brady Quinn's career started, some folks are wondering if Denver Broncos coach Josh McDaniels can turn him into another success story ala Matt Cassel.

From Michael Lombardi of the National Football Post:

No, I'm not a Brady Quinn fan, but I'm a huge Josh McDaniels fan, and if anyone can bring out the best in Quinn, it's McDaniels. If McDaniels can make Matt Cassell successful, there has to be hope for Quinn.    

Kyle Orton will reportedly remain the starter and Lombardi reports Quinn will be there to push Orton.

Will it work? We don't know yet but McDaniels does have the resume to argue that he's one of the best people to push Quinn in the right direction.

As of now, Cassel has the advantage because he's at least demonstrated that given the right situation he can be successful.

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