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Chiefs Connection Should Help In The Scouting Process

NFL agent and writer for the National Football Post Jack Bechta has an interesting story this morning. It goes over the process of a NFL scout hitting the road and scouting prospects and then delivering the information to the GM and head coach.

Bechta writes that there can potentially be communication issues when scouts are delivering their reports of a certain player.

Scouts are actually paid to give an opinion, although many are afraid to do so. It’s typical for a regional scout to be called into the war room and asked a question about a player in front of the owner, the president, the head coach and GM. The scout must decide what information he should deliver to the power group and at what level of conviction it should be delivered. A scout knows the delivery is as important as the information, and the moment may be a defining one is his career -- for better or worse.

It's a pretty good read. I found it interesting from the Chiefs perspective because, according to Bob Gretz a few months back, Chiefs GM Scott Pioli "froze out" the scouting staff that was in place prior to his arrival.

As for Pioli being hindered by second hand scouts left to him, that's simply not true. Pioli basically froze out those scouts and personnel director Bill Kuharich in the run up and then on draft day. He arrived with his information from New England along with a scout who had been let go up there, Jim Nagy. He paid no attention to any of the work done by the '08 scouting department. I can tell you for a fact that the old group did not even have Colin Brown rated as a draftable player, but the Chiefs selected him in the fifth round.

Just from a time standpoint, that's not how an organization can operate (which is why Pioli brought in replacements). More scouts that the GM can use is more information available which seemingly would turn into a better draft.

Since then the Chiefs have brought in a few additions to the scouting department. I imagine Pioli will feel more comfortable this time around.

Whether that translates to a better draft is the unknown right now.

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