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Larry Johnson Signs With The Redskins

Guess who's got a new job:

There's a new running back in Washington. Redskins reached agreement with RB Larry Johnson on a three-year deal.

ESPN's Adam Schefter (who else?) is reporting.

I'd be very curious to see the terms of his contract because I highly doubt he makes it three years (or even one for that matter).

It's not much of a surprise he signed with the Redskins.

For LJ, that's likely where he wanted to be. He grew up in the area as a fan of the team and it puts him closer to his family.

From the Redskins perspective, the last time Mike Shanahan saw LJ he was tearing it up against him with the Chiefs. You do have to give LJ credit for what he did against the Broncos in those years because he was awfully good.

The Chiefs don't play the Redskins for another four years so it's unlikely they'll see LJ in uniform (Unless it's the Super Bowl!). 

(H/T Scalper7 and kcsno56)

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