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Report: Chiefs Sign C Casey Wiegmann

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Within the last hour 810 WHB's Jake Gutierrez reported that the Kansas City Chiefs had contacted veteran center Casey Wiegmann this morning but speculated they were just "kicking the tires" on him. I also passed along word that the Chiefs were seemingly turning up the heat on finding a new center.

Turns out, they've found one and it's Casey Wiegmann.

J.B. Bauersfeld, sports director at WIBW in Topeka, reports it's a one year deal.

(Editor's Note: Not one of usual sources for news but Wiegmann's wife confirmed the news to the station.)

Wiegmann spent the last two seasons playing in a zone blocking scheme in Denver so his transition to the Chiefs makes sense.

Wiegmann played on the Chiefs from 2001-2007.

He's 37 36 years old.