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More People Envious Of Chiefs Deal With Thomas Jones

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Thomas Jones only made one move in free agency and that was a trip to Kansas City. The Chiefs obviously didn't let him get away signing him to a two-year, $5 million contract.

ESPN's Adam Schefter has already called it one of the top five best moves of free agency so far and I think a lot of us agree with that.

The contract is short and doesn't include a lot of money, which is what you want when you're signing an accomplished, over-30 running back.

Rob Otto of, beat writer for the Lions, admittedly said pre-free agency that pursuing Jones wouldn't be a good idea for the Lions. However, once he saw the kind of deal the Chiefs struck with him, he's singing a different tune.

Had I known that was all it was going to take to sign Jones, I would have had a different opinion.  I even think Detroit would have had a very good shot to land him because he would have ended up with more playing time here.    

Not a bad thing to read, right?