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Chiefs Wanted Wade Smith Back

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I don't mean to double post on now former Chiefs guard Wade Smith but I found this nugget interesting.

According to Alex Marvez of, who also reported the Smith-to-the-Texans story, the Chiefs were interested in re-signing him.

Now, we're not NFL GMs, but I think a lot of us were wondering why the Chiefs seemingly weren't making an effort to re-sign him. This answers that question.

There are a couple of other factors at play here -- playing time and money.

After hearing about the terms of his contract, I suspect the latter played a heavy role.

Marvez reports the deal was for four-years with a total value of $12 million and $6.5 million guaranteed.

You think the Chiefs, who were rumored to have expressed interest in Ryan Lilja but at a reduced price, were interested in paying that kind of money?

My guess is not.